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CRS Folsom Residential Locksmith Services include:

  • Re-keying
  • Locks changed and/or upgraded
  • Install new knobs or deadbolts
  • Kick-in protection for entry doors and French doors
  • House re-entry
  • Foreclosure and REO re-keying is our specialty
  • Lost keys originated
  • Keys code cut to factory specifications and/or duplicated
  • Re-pinning locks to make them bump resistant

Replace or re-key?

Many times, people call and ask for a quote to replace their locks when, in reality, they really only need to be re-keyed. We can generate a new key for your home by creating a code on a special key-cutting machine. We then remove all of your existing locks, disassemble the lock cylinder, and discard all the old pins (the part the key pushes up and down). New pins are installed that match the new code cut key and at that time the lock cylinder is inspected, tested, and lubricated if needed. Then the lock is then reinstalled back on your door. This procedure guarantees that the old key no longer works and also cures many problems with keys that stick or stubborn locks.

And to make the deal even sweeter, we give you two FREE keys with every residential re-key.

Reasons for re-keying a residence are many. You could have just purchased a new home and want added security, or perhaps your current locks are not operating properly. You might also desire different keys for every door in the house, or have lost your keys. Or it’s possible that you need additional locks or are involved in a domestic situation. No matter what your situation is, we can provide a system that’s secure and of the highest quality. Here at CRS Locksmith, we offer the best locksmith services around. As a mobile locksmith, we can come to your home and help you with anything you need. We serve Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights and the surrounding areas. As your local locksmith, CRS is happy to help with whatever residential locksmith services you may need.

Attention, New Homeowners

Who else has keys to your home? Do you know if the neighbors, previous owner’s relatives, construction workers, old babysitters, etc. have keys? It’s best not to leave that question to chance. After purchasing your new home, the very first thing you should do is re-key the locks. This should be done before any of your personal belongings are moved in. When you purchase new locks from us, they come with two keys each.

We stock a huge variety of cutting-edge new locks on our mobile locksmith van to satisfy most residential lock needs. There is no need to go to the big box store and buy inferior-quality locks when we can supply a superior lock at an affordable price. We can also order designer locks like the beautiful Emtek brand or the high-end Baldwin line. These high quality locks are not available in stores and will add beauty and durability to any home. Contact CRS Locksmith today to set up your appointment for your master locksmith services.

New Service!

We are now an installer for high security, anti kick-in devices for entry doors and French doors. We use only the best door reinforcement systems on the market and CRS Locksmith can professionally install these at a surprisingly affordable price. This will greatly increase the security of your home and will stop even the most determined burglar from kicking in your door. Call today for a free quote.

In addition to our list of services, CRS Locksmith can provide creative solutions to your security needs. For instance, let’s explain a few things about master keying. Master keying is done so that more than one key can operate a lock. If done properly, it still provides a high level of security.

An example would be if you have locks on the gates to your yard—we can master key one or more of them so that you have a key that you can give to the pool guy or the gardener that will just open the gates to the yard. Yet, at the same time, your house key work the gates, the house, and anything else you need. This means the pool guy can get into the yard to service the pool, but not into the house.

Or similarly, for a situation where you may have a maid come in once a week, we can make a “maid key” and key one doorknob to work with that key and your house key. Then on “maid day” you will leave the deadbolt on that door unlocked and the maid can come and go. The rest of the time, you can lock the deadbolt on that door and the maid can’t gain access because the “maid key” can only operate the doorknob.

If you are concerned about intruders picking their way into your home or utilizing “bump keys” that have been in the media lately, many times we can re-pin your existing lock with bump-resistant and pick-resistant pins to give you added security.

If you have doors with only one lock and no deadbolt, then that door is not secure! Let us install a deadbolt to add to your security. We use professional jigs to ensure a perfect fit every time.

While CRS Locksmith doesn’t install alarms, we highly recommend them as part of your security hardware. They are excellent for what they are designed to do, but generally, they only tell you what has already happened. There is no substitute for quality locks and a secure door to prevent intruders from entering your home.

If you need residential locksmith services in the greater Sacramento area, then CRS Locksmith is perfect for you. Our master locksmiths can help you re-enter your home, repin your locks, rekey or make duplicate keys, install new locks and anti-theft equipment, and much more! Because we’re a mobile locksmith, CRS can come to your home, whether you’re in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights, or any of the surrounding areas. Contact your local locksmith at CRS Locksmith today to schedule your residential locksmith services today.