Located just 22 miles east of Sacramento is El Dorado Hills, CA where it is home to 1,805 square miles of rolling hills and mountainous terrain. When gold was discovered in the mid-1800s, El Dorado Hills’ population exploded with miners hoping to strike it rich. As one of the original counties in the state of California, El Dorado Hills is historically rich and one of the best places to live in the Greater Sacramento Area.

Locksmith in El Dorado Hills

As a resident of El Dorado Hills, you want to be sure that your property and belongings are secure so you can enjoy everything life in El Dorado Hills has to offer!

CRS Locksmith is the most reliable and dependable mobile locksmith in El Dorado Hills. Whether you are in need of a residential locksmith for rekeying services, changing your locks, installing new door knobs, or originating lost keys, our affordable locksmith can help!     

Losing your car or house keys, recovering from a home break-in,  are unfortunate events that happen to the best of us. Don’t wait until your home security has been compromised or your keys walk away unexpectedly to find an El Dorado Hills locksmith—spur-of-the-moment decisions can lead to more mishaps.

Residential Locksmith

If you are in need of a residential locksmith in El Dorado Hills, look no further than CRS Locksmith. We now offer installation for high-security devices that prevents intruders from kicking in your door to gain entry. These door reinforcement systems are strong, durable, and a highly effective technique to add security to your entry doors. Interested in having the highest security available at home? Contact CRS Locksmith to learn more about the incredibly affordable reinforcement system. Our local locksmith in El Dorado Hills will work promptly and efficiently to ensure your locks are installed properly so you can rest easy in your secure home.    

Auto Locksmith  

We’ve all done it, and we’re not proud—losing your car keys is one of the most frustrating moments to experience, especially first thing in the morning. In an event like this, you need a dependable and responsive automotive locksmith in El Dorado Hills to call.

CRS Locksmith does it all. We can recreate lost car and truck keys, program smart (proximity) keys, extract keys that are stuck in the ignition, repair and replace damaged ignitions, and so much more. Not every auto locksmith can properly remove keys, which can end up costing you more money. Instead, you need a professional locksmith who specializes in retrieving car keys and other locksmith services.

One of our newest automotive services CRS Locksmith offers is computer reflashing. What does that mean? It means you save lots of money in the event you lose all of your car keys and remotes. With the computer reflash service, we can easily reflash your vehicle’s internal computer system so your new replacement keys and remotes will work properly without going to the dealership.   

Mobile Locksmith in El Dorado Hills

What makes CRS Locksmith unique from other locksmiths in El Dorado Hills? We are a mobile locksmith with a van that is stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment that a full-service locksmith needs. Additionally, because our mobile locksmith van comes to you when you need our services, you will save time and money so you can get on your way faster without sacrificing quality of service.

Affordable Locksmith For All Vehicles

CRS Locksmith uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every home, vehicle, boat, and motorcycle keys are responsibly serviced.

Do you own a boat? Have you ever gotten close to dropping those keys into the water? Or worse, and actually dropped them? A very similar gut-wrenching feeling to frantically searching for the car keys you misplaced first thing in the morning. CRS Locksmith understands the feeling and we can help! While residential and automotive locksmith services are the most common, we offer boat locksmith services, too.

Motorcyclists also need help from a locksmith every once and awhile, and when they do, they call CRS Locksmith! The same assistance that we provide for residences, automobiles, and boats is offered for motorcycles! Go ahead and plan the cross-town cruise through El Dorado Hills and ride confidently knowing that there is a motorcycle locksmith standing by, ready to take your call.

CRS Locksmith El Dorado Hills’ local locksmith that you can depend on in urgent situations. We arrive onsite in uniform, and in a marked van so you can truly rely on our locksmith company.

Don’t wait until an emergency to search for a locksmith company and call just anyone to come to the rescue. When it comes to your safety at home, you want someone you can trust—like our mobile locksmith company, CRS Locksmith!

Interested in learning more about rekeying versus replacing locks, and learn how to make your home more safe and secure? Do you need your car keys rekeyed? Whatever your locksmith needs are, contact the best locksmith company in El Dorado Hills, CRS Locksmith today!

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