Boat Pic

In addition to our vast range of automotive, residential, and motorcycle locksmith services, CRS Mobile Locksmith can help you with all your boat keying needs as well. Whether you are located in Folsom, Sacramento, or the surrounding areas, we will come to you for all of your local boat locksmith needs.

We offer several boat locksmith services, including:

  • Replacement or duplicate boat keys
  • Originating lost keys
  • Cutting keys to specified codes

If you have lost the keys to your boat, don’t worry! Call CRS Locksmith and we will come to your location and get you going as quickly as possible.

There are hundreds of different boat keys and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which one the manufacturers will use, even on the same model. We carry a very large selection of boat keys and will most likely have the boat key you need.

CRS Mobile Locksmith Service can also repair or replace your existing locks if they have an issue.

Let us handle all of your boat locksmith needs, including ignition locks, door locks, and compartment locks. Call us today!