There are two types of people: those who have been locked out of their house and those who will be. It’s inevitable, no matter how careful you are. Before you smash a window to get back in, take a moment and try these steps. And instead of spending a ton of money replacing your window, call a locksmith instead, who will charge you a fraction of the price it costs to replace and install a new window.

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Want to know what to do when you’re locked out of your house? Read on!

Check for Unlocked Windows

To start, we never recommend leaving windows open when you’re not home. It’s an invitation to an intruder (just as keeping the key under your mat is!). But on the chance you’ve left one open, you can gain entry quickly, so long as your acrobatic skills will allow you to hoist yourself up and in!

Try the Pet Door

If you have a rather large furry friend who has a doggie door, you can squeeze your way inside. Just be careful not to get stuck. The last thing you need is to pile inconvenience on top of another inconvenience.

Use a Credit Card

Provided you don’t have the deadbolt engaged, you can use a credit card or one of the countless membership cards you have floating around your wallet. Slide it between the door and the frame to push the doorknob’s lock open.

Phone a Friend

Have you lent a key to a friend or family member? Chances are, you can call on them to help you get back in. While it’s probably a little inconvenient to drive to your rescue, you can always sweeten the deal with a meal or coffee on you.

Call a Locksmith

When all of the above fails, give us a call! We provide the best local locksmith services in the Folsom area. Put your trust in your Top Rated Local locksmith, and see for yourself why so many have trusted us with their locksmithing needs. We can replace locks and re-key them, and will provide you with two keys for your convenience. When you need the very best, contact us today!