Key fobs are intended to be a key of convenience. Easily lock or unlock your car from a distance, open the trunk while you’re walking towards it, and additional buttons that you can set up with your key fob to make it work better for your needs. However, in the case that you lose your key fob, you will quickly see just how easy it is for that convenience to evaporate into thin air.

At CRS Locksmith in Folsom, we help improve this situation for so many people by helping them work through the issues that they come across when they lose their key fob. If you have lost your key fob, here are a few of the things that steps that you should be taking once you realized that you’ve lost your key fob.

Check Your Vehicle

CRS Locksmith is able to help most individuals who have lost their key fob. Unfortunately, there are a few models of vehicles where you can only replace the fob at the dealership. Or, there are certain settings that won’t be able to work without the key fob that is directly from the dealership. All of this is done in order to provide people with the highest quality of security to the individual that purchased the car.

Check online with the dealership to see if your make and model is one that will require you to go to the dealership. The last thing that we want to do is waste your time and not be able to help you.

Transponder Chips

Another benefit that technology has added our keys are transponder chips. These are intended to be beneficial for the owner of the car, but it’s another challenge that you come across when you lose your keys. If you have a transponder chip in your key, then this is another instance where you may have to go directly to the dealership, or call in advance and make sure that we’re able to fulfill those services based off of the chip that you need.

These chips play a huge part in being able to make sure that your car runs and starts in the first place, so it’s definitely something that we want to make sure we provide to you. We can always replace the fob, which will help with locking and unlocking your car, but beyond that, your car will be nearly useless.

Security Systems

An issue that we’ve come across a couple of times is the issue of having a security system that was installed that we aren’t able to bypass without the key. If you have installed a security system in your car that requires the physical key, and you’ve lost it, then you need to communicate this to us as soon as possible.

With these types of systems, there are certain things that we may not be able to replicate or to crack, in which case you might need to contact the manufacturer of the security system for more information or to get insight on how we can get past the security system so that we can get your car up and running. Another option would be finding out what type of key you’re going to need to bypass it. If you simply need to have a replica of the main key, then we can take care of you.

Dead Battery

Not all of the replacements that we deal with are based on lost keys. Some of the replacements that we have to make are due to a dead battery, and that’s not an issue that we can’t tackle either. However, this is another area that you can look in advance to see if your fob can have a replacement battery. There are certain fobs that you can find replacement batteries for and have a professional switch out with the proper pieces, but other fobs will need to be replaced entirely in order to work again.

This is another issue that could stop your car from driving or may stop other parts of your car from working, but we can work quickly to get the batter in your fob switched out as quickly as possible. At times, it could really be as easy as simply ordering a new fob and setting it up to the system within your car, which is another process that we can do our best to get taken care of quickly so that you don’t have to go without a car.

Visit Your Locksmith

Your local locksmith will be able to provide you with more insight on what it is that they’re able to provide you, and when you come to us we’ll give you a better idea of what it is that we can get done and what types of issues may come up down the road. When you’ve lost your keys, we’ll have to look deeper into whether or not the key that you’ve lost is one that you’ll be able to drive without the proper pieces, or if you can simply have the fob replaced and be set.

Losing your keys is an inconvenience, but it’s one that we want to do everything in our power to assist with. If you have lost the keys to your car recently, trust our team to get you taken care of and do everything that we can to find a solution that works for you.

CRS Locksmith provides honest and high-quality services to the Folsom area. If you have lost your car keys, are locked out of your home or need to replace a key, you can count on us. We understand these situations can’t go for long without being an inconvenience in your life, which is just another reason that we are the only company that you should consider for locksmith services.  Call our team today and we’ll get your services taken care of as soon as possible.