Can you really unlock your car door with a tennis ball? How about your cell phone? What about a shoelace? While we certainly appreciate people’s ingenuity, we have to shake our heads a bit at all the more creative ways people have tried to pop a lock before giving in and calling a local locksmith.

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Now, let’s get down to some of the myths about unlocking your car!

The Tennis Ball Trick

A while ago, a woman posted a video on YouTube showing her supposedly popping a locked car door with nothing but a tennis ball. Apparently, by poking a hole in the ball and putting it against the lock and then pushing it, the air pressure would unlock the car. This is completely false. First off, you can’t form a tight enough seal between the ball and the lock to push that small amount of air through, and even if you did have enough air pressure from another more powerful source, that’s just not how locks are built.

A Shoelace

This myth is partially true. Older cars weren’t quite a secure as those manufactured in more recent years, so sliding the shoelace between the side of the car and the window was fairly simple. And a lot of the success depends on the design of the lock, and if the slipknot can grab it sufficiently enough to pull the lock up. This trick requires the perfect storm of design, patience, and determination to work.

Your Cell Phone

Some of the most recent car models allow for smartphone technology to operate certain functions of your car. However, there is a myth floating around the Internet that if somebody has access to your spare remote keyless entry fob, they can call you, press the button, and all you have to do is hold your phone about a foot from your car door to unlock the car. First off, the remote keyless entry locks aren’t activated by sound–they’re activated by frequency. Phones work on the 800 MHz range and fobs work on the 300 MHz range so they can’t even “talk” to each other.

Keep a spare key on you, whether it’s in your wallet or purse, and you will have peace of mind when you’re locked out of a car. But, when all else fails, contact CRS Locksmiths, your local locksmith. We can quickly and effectively get you back into your car after you’ve been locked out or have lost your keys. We can replace your keys and retrieve keys that have been left in your vehicle without damaging your vehicle. We even work with motorcycles, without having to take your bike apart to get you back on the road.

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