The idea that most people get when they think about what it looks like to get their locked keys out of the car usually includes a wire hanger and a couple of hours fidgeting with the window. For a while, most cars could be unlocked this way, and it was really just a matter of understanding what type of model you were working with and how the lock function worked in order for a locksmith to take care of. Now, unlocking keys in a car is much more challenging.

Even in the attempt to get your keys out of your car, this method will actually often do more bad than it will good. Today we are going to visit some of the ways that this old technique can do some damage to your car.

Electronic Setup

Most cars made after the year 2000 have some form of electronic setup tied to their locking system. This has proven to make for a much more secure form of locking, but it does make it much more difficult to open the door when you have to incorporate the electronic lock that isn’t able to open without the additional efforts of the electronic system.

When you wind up with these types of lock systems you really do need the added efforts of a professional to open the lock without doing any additional damage to your car.

Window Trim

Very few people think about this part of the car when they take into consideration what type of damage they could be doing as they work on unlocking their car. This part of your window is extremely important because it helps maintain the temperature in your car, but it is also the seal that keeps any water from dripping inside. The rubber is pretty durable, but when you try and get a piece of wire inside of your car, you’re very likely to damage or puncture the rubber.

Given how much lock systems have changed over the last few years, locksmiths have been able to go past these types of methods that allow for us to unlock your car for you, without doing any damage.

Window Pane

For those that don’t have a wire casually hanging out in the back of the car, the go-to method may include breaking one of the smaller windows in your car to get in and get at least one door unlocked. While it may not seem like a huge deal to break one window in order to get back in your car, this is easily one of the most expensive methods of getting back into your car. In the case that you do break your window, you are looking at an expense that’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars to repair and may not even be the key to helping you get into your car.

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